Rethinking Traditional SRP

The article Summer Reading Levels Up: How two library summer reading programs evolved into summer games by Greg Landgraf in American Libraries provides examples of how libraries are revamping summer programs. Here are some questions I asked myself as I read this article:

  • Libraries have been offering similar summer reading program activities and programs for decades and it seem to be successfully fulfilling a need, but are we as effective as we could be?
  • Real-world experiences build our capacity for understanding what we read, especially in children. How can libraries better link programming to what kids read to increase learning potential during the summer reading program?
  • Summer opportunities for children and teens have expanded tremendously in the past several years, especially for middle and upper class families who are core library users. How can libraries more effectively reach out to less well-off families to engage them in free summer reading programs? What changes can libraries make to stay competitive among other summer activities and to keep our core summer reading participants?

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