Dreaming Big at the Library

Allen X Ray wrote Dreaming Big at the Library for 2012 the summer reading program at Hazel M. Lewis Library in Powers, Oregon. Children sang this song at every session over the summer.


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December 18, 2012 · 8:49 am

Math Activites for 2012 SRP

For the second year in a row the non-profit Mixing in Math has developed ready-to-use programming ideas that correlated with the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s summer reading theme—night, Dream Big: Read! Activities are primarily designed for school-age children.

You can download and print these ready-to-use activities to add math to your summer programming. Each activity has a blue box on left that identifies recommended grade level, estimated time to do the activity, math concepts introduced in the activity, list of materials needed to do the activity, and 2 picture book suggestions. Looking through some of the activities, it would be easy to identify different picture books to support the math concepts covered in the activities if you don’t have the suggested titles or you don’t think they will work with your particular group of kids.

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Quality Standards for Summer Programs

The National Summer Learning Association has developed nine quality standards for summer programs for children of all ages. Libraries can use these standards as a tool for identifying what they are doing well and what they need to improve on regarding planning, staffing, funding, and implementing their summer reading program.

How are these standards different than the components of high-quality summer reading programs? The standards are general strategies all types of summer programs should have in place regarding organizational infrastructure and customer service. Quality standards are indicators of sustainability, intentional programming and evaluation, and positive and responsive customer service. The components of high-quality summer reading programs are specific to library summer reading programs.  The components are activities and services research shows libraries can implement during the summer to help children and teens maintain or improve their reading skills.

Both the quality standards and components of high-quality summer reading programs can be used to demonstrate to stakeholders the value of your summer reading program. They can be used to advocate keeping certain aspects of your program and for funding to improve your summer reading program.

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Oregon Best Practice Libraries Announced

The first annual Best Practice Libraries report was published today by the Oregon State Library to acknowledge libraries that provide all three best practices. Libraries frequently change their programming to reflect community needs and library resources such as staffing and funding.  The Best Practice Libraries report will be published annually in conjunction with the Ready to Read Annual Report.

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Gale Guided Tutorials for SRP Planning

Did you know that Gale provides guided tutorials to help you plan summer reading programs? These summer reading tutorials are particularly good for library staff who are new to planning and implementing the summer reading program and for staff who are looking for new and/or different ways to plan their summer reading program.

Some of the topics covered by these tutorials include, but are not limited to:

  • Online book clubs
  • Using Gale resources to create games
  • Using Gale resources to create reading activities
  • Readers’ advisory

Here is how to access these tutorials:

  • Go to Gale Guided Tutorials.
  • Scroll down the page and look for “Summer Reading” towards the bottom of the right-hand column.
  • Click on the tutorial(s) of your choice and they should automatically launch in a new tab in your browser.

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Rethinking Traditional SRP

The article Summer Reading Levels Up: How two library summer reading programs evolved into summer games by Greg Landgraf in American Libraries provides examples of how libraries are revamping summer programs. Here are some questions I asked myself as I read this article:

  • Libraries have been offering similar summer reading program activities and programs for decades and it seem to be successfully fulfilling a need, but are we as effective as we could be?
  • Real-world experiences build our capacity for understanding what we read, especially in children. How can libraries better link programming to what kids read to increase learning potential during the summer reading program?
  • Summer opportunities for children and teens have expanded tremendously in the past several years, especially for middle and upper class families who are core library users. How can libraries more effectively reach out to less well-off families to engage them in free summer reading programs? What changes can libraries make to stay competitive among other summer activities and to keep our core summer reading participants?

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Oregon State Library Publishes 2011 SRP Brief

Last week the Oregon State Library published the second annual Summer Reading Brief.  This Brief is a report on the participation of children and teens in local public library summer reading programs throughout Oregon.

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