Libraries that engage readers and listeners in fun activities that provide the opportunity to discuss the books they are reading and listening to, integrate these books into real-world experiences, or create projects based on these books during SRP:

St. Helens Public Library

(541) 427-3735

In 2010 St. Helens presented Flush Week to reflect the water theme of Make A Splash–READ. Flush Week included a series of three field trips to the city’s Waste Water Treatment Plant that were marketed as “Flush – Where does it go?”, drawings for the books Flush by Carl Hiaasen and The Toilet Paper Tigers by Gordon Korman, and a showing of the movie Flushed Away.

Ukiah School/Public Library

(541) 427-3735

For the 2010 summer reading program, Make a Splash–READ, Ukiah developed and implemented a summer-long project for summer reading program participants to learn about building model boats.  Books on making model boats were purchased and circulated to participants, the children built their boats over the course of the summer and then launched them in the local river at their end of summer celebration.

Weston Public Library

(541) 566-2378

Weston invites community experts to present summer reading programs that engage children in real-world experiences tied to themes in the books they read during storytimes and materials recommended on summer reading lists.  In 2010 the summer reading theme was water so one local expert volunteered to conduct a science experiment about water surface tension with the children, another local expert volunteered to present a program on the life cycle of salmon, and the library contracted with an Oregon State University graduate student who used an interactive stream simulator so children could see how streams work first hand.


Wilsonville Public Library

(503) 682-2744

In addition to the traditional summer reading program, Wilsonville also provides a summer science program that works much the same way.  Kids are provided with an activity booklet describing science activities they can do at home, the library presented several science programs, and kids filled out a log to track their completion of science activities.