Libraries that partner with teachers and school librarians at local schools on SRP:

Athena Public Library

(541) 566-2470

Athena partners with the local summer school.  A teacher brings the kindergarten – 4th grade students to the library once a week to participate in the summer reading program.  In addition to typical summer reading activities and events, every week the librarians do book talks to hook students so they are motivated to keep reading and meet their summer reading goal.

Multnomah County Library

(503) 988-5402

Multnomah partners with local school districts to sign up all kids, with the exception of those whose parents set privacy restrictions, for the summer reading program. This breaks down barriers that may prevent some children and teens from going into the library to sign-up in person. Outreach and branch library staff conduct school visits in the spring to promote the summer reading program and distribute reading records.